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Please follow links to enable or update the Java on your computer in order to view the Weather Station, you may also need to update your Flash Player Java and Adobe have both recently released updates you may find these links useful.  

With out any changes in weather, life would less interesting, and the frequent changes we get make it sensible for every wise sailor to keep one eye on the sky, and one on the plentiful weather forecasts on the internet.

On the Weather Sites page you will find links to many useful sources of weather information. Including 2 separate weather stations in our own club at Canvey Point. Alternatively click on one of the red areas on the right.
On the GEMS site if you click on the small square in the top right of each cell you can select the units you want to see the data in. (by default they are in metric units)

Additional information sources can be found on the sites  Links page.







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