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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 1:23 PM
Subject: Last Blog

Hi Everyone

Well we finished at 18.40 Wednesday. We were trying to get in before dark, we approached Slucia on a dead run, we only had a poled out genny as the seas were confused and steep. We ran past the tip of the island then gybed and started to head across the tip looking for the bay and finish line we were reaching in 20 + knots now this was real racing. The boat was flying 10 + knots heeled right over, should have reefed really but Johnie done a geat job of playing the main. Dennis was on the radio to the finish boat making sure the bay we was coming into was the right one. A guy appeared in a Rib roaring along the side of us and we thought he had come out to show us in. Then we suddenly realised it was the photographer with a camera in one hand standing up and extended throttle in the other. We were beating to the finish line now we could see it with this mad guy roaring along about 40 ft from the boat taking photos.
We went through the finish line flat out at 11.5 knots Kevvy and Cuffy would have been proud, we got the sails down then found our way into Rodney bay marina. Bit of a job as its pitch black dark when its cloudy and no moon. The ARC guys were really helpful and with Dennis on the radio we managed to find our way to our berth. When we tied up they gave us a bowl of fresh fruit 3 litres of ice cold beer and a Rum punch each then we showered quick and went off to the welcome party on the beach. Free Beer it was like Aruba week all over again.

You may have realised by now that mad Johnie had made a brilliant recovery the miltivitamins and vitamin c along with cold tins of tonic on his feet all afternoon had worked plus a few hundred people praying at home.

Johnie now has a new name Johnie the Racing Snake as we noticed he had lost weight because his shorts still had the belt on when he picked them up off the cabin floor in the morning .

Robs first time ever on a boat and he now has 2800 miles under his belt he thinks 30-35 knots of wind is normal now.

Rodney bay is a fantastic marina they have moorings for boats up to 140 ft there are some beautiful boats here Oysters Swans and an 80 ft carbon fibre Wally as well all the other boats you see in yachting monthly and wonder were they are kept.

I think we are going to rent some scooters today and explore the island.

Well the boys are here until 15 Dec then Ann and Emma my daughter with her boyfriend are out on the 20.Dec until Jan 5th

So have a great Xmas and a happy New Year.

Bye For now

True Blue Crew

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 7:36 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel - Journeys end

Finished last night with our mission unaccomplished, Captain Brigh was still alive.

However got into the marina and Brigh got us all a rum punch as soon as we tied up. The golden beach was packed wall to wall with nubile tanned dusky maidens in scanty bikini s all nectar to a sailorís eye. Behind the beach were bars and restaurants selling food and alcohol. Brian got us food and drink and a good time was had by all. I think some of our earlier comments were a bit uncalled for and harsh, so much so that we have signed on for the next trip with our good mate Brianny. So there we are the perfect end to a perfect voyage.

I'll keep you informed next trip.

Bye for now

Secret Squirell

Almost forgot, we had a bit of a mix up. Brianny didn't want us to fetch a christian, he wanted this bloke (a mate of his) called Fletcher Christian. Apparently this bloke started the first bareboat charter company. Got Captain Brigh a boat, arranged some crew, got some nav gear together and Captain Brigh did the worlds first bare boat charter voyage. Seems he wants to thank Fletcher personally for having provided such a great holiday. Strange how you can get things wrong isn't it.



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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 5:41 AM
Subject: Day 16

Hi Everyone

We are still here only 112 miles to go to Slucia the wind has been quite light today approx. 15-18 knots with a big confused swell we need to make it for about 6pm wed evening to get in during daylight .
But we have a major problem with one of the crew Guess who yes your right again Mad Jonnie, as a first Aider I have been trying to work out all the symptoms Mad J has endured during our voyage and have come up with this conclusion. For about 3 weeks before we left Mad J had a chest infection. This I have decided was a new strain of Swine flu Johnnie gifted the ships provisions with 48 packs of bacon of which 34 have been consumed in 16 days Mad J then proclaims he has gout to which after careful prognosis I have found his foot is very swollen and pink and his toes are turning into little claws. I have a sneaking feeling he has contracted a rare form of Piggletoesis. This will account for all the shedded skin we have to wash each day from the cockpit sole after Music watch as Mad J is using the table as a tree.
We have taped Mad Jís other shoe on to try and stem the take over of his body and he is off bacon and eating Muesli and apples I am giving him 2 multivitamins and vit C along with diclafenic for the pain. Its 5.30 am and the GPS is saying 14.20 min to go lets all pray Mad J pulls through as we have not got a livestock licence and Slucia are really hot on that. Mad J may have to be quarantined on the boat in the Bay. Time will Tell.

Robs tooth is getting better he has been gargling with salt water regularly approx. 200 litres I reckon .

Denos felt ill earlier but had a sleep and is ok now.

Iím ok but looking forward to dry land now as this constant rolling and pitching wears you down god knows how people drink on this crossing I am hanging on with one hand doing this and the sea state is good tonight.

Hopefully kite out in the morning then round the tip of the island and a beat through the finish.

Ps. I checked earlier our position and there are 91 boats behind us approx. 220 started approx 40 are racing so hopefully we are middle of field "anyway its only a rally " .

Must go and check on Johnnie. Fingers crossed he pulls through .

Mike our position 14.4N 59.09W at 5.30 GMT

Bye for Now

Trueblue crew

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 1:37 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel 8

The day has dawned bright and clear, a lovely day for a court martial, and a hanging says Captain Brigh. Rob stood accused of sleeping on watch, his defending counsel was Denos the greek. I caught you asleep last night roared the captain, no you didn't squeaked back Denos. Why were Rob's eyes shut then? said the captain. At this Denos moved over to stand in front of the captain. May I ask you a question he said, of course replied the captain. This court martial is going to be fair and impartial and above board, before we hang Rob said the captain.
We have 221.9 miles to the finish, to do it by tomorrow night we need to maintain an average of 7.2 knots. Sloosha time is three hours after GMT. If we maintain our average what time will we be drinking in a bar in Sloosha. The Captain, who is a navagatorial genius ummed and aahed, screwed up his face talked to himself for several minutes and then said, about 5 pm local time. RIGHT!! said Denos you shut your eyes to concentrate on the mathematical problem! You weren't asleep, far from it you were working your brain harder than usual. This is exactly what Rob was doing last night, he was engrossed in trying to calculate our E.T.A. and what to buy you at the bar.

We thought the captain wouldn't buy that one as you don't usually snore when you do mental rithmatic, however he smiled clapped Rob and Denos around the shoulders and declared 'the broken biscuits are on me. Help yourself'. Is the captain become human, or has he seen the light, hence him wanting to find a christian (he's still on about it)

Hopefully tomorrow will be our last day at sea and we will be rid if the hateful captain Brigh, I'm glad we are all still here by the skin of our teeth.

Mouths tight shut


Secret Squirrel

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 12:38 PM
Subject: Mike day 15

Hi Mike

Just a quickie we have 225 miles left at 12.30 GMT you are 3 hours in front, we hope to arrive at between 5-6pm Caribbean time on Wed .

Position 14.37N 57.05W at 1200 GMT.



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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 8:31 PM
Subject: IYC GOUT

Hi again

I have just been going through my medical books on board and found nothing on gout, if anyone has any ideas please email me.


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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 8:29 PM
Subject: IYC Day 15

HI Everyone
Hope you all enjoyed the prize giving and thanks for the beer vouchers look forward to using them and Annie said "she will keep the cup clean Kev
Well not much happening here had a couple of squalls last night ,when you see them coming on the radar they are showing speeds of 60- 80mph ,but we have only had the thunderstorm that we were in the middle of to date most are 30-35knots in squall and we left the genny poled out last night and had 10.5knots .of speed.

Mad Johnie has gout and actually asked about diclaphenic during dinner and what if you take them orally to which I told him they donít work as well he made that Johnie face as if to say "Oh well what will be will be" to which I had to tell him I am a First Aider in an observatory sense and would not mind watching as he inserted them to which Rob and Denso said would assist me "Good shipmates ".

We were listening to Herman the German talking to his friend on the radio and he left his Parasail kite up in a squall and he broached badly in his 40 ft lagoon cat. He said the sail was under the water and the ship was on its side when it came back up he had about 500 litres of water in the cockpit which then went into the galley and he had been cleaning up all day he also had the sheet wrapped round his prop he went into the water to clear it but it was to dangerous as the ship was coming 2 metres out of the water, bit mad as he has wife and kids on board.

We have 340 miles to go and are hopping to get there by Wed afternoon apparently they take your photo through the finish and then there is rum punch etc when you get in the marina it would be nice to arrive in daylight .

Mike position is 15.00N 55.17W at 8pm GMT

Bye for now

TrueBlue Crew

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 2:58 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel 7 (I think)

Luckily we put the iron filing plan into action, although it didn't turn out as we expected.

Rob had been worked so hard by Captain Brigh during his off watch hours when he should have been resting, that as a result he fell asleep during his watch, which as you all know is a hanging offence. Captain Brigh decided to do a spot check on the boat, and caught him.

He marched forward to grab him by the throat, and walked between the two steering compasses, The compasses (who I think secretly dislike Captain Brigh) decided to 'magnetic field' the iron filings in his pockets. In this they were assisted in no small way by the deck speakers (who obviously, like the rest of us dislike Captain Brigh's music .) The result was that the captain was held fast, and couldn't reach Rob, who woke up because of all the hullabaloo going on.

Luckily Captain Brigh had plans to thatch his coachroof, and as well as the thatch had some lead flashing for the mast aperture. Dennis grabbed two sheets of lead and de-ferroused the captain by placing the lead between the iron filings in his pockets and the compasses thus effecting the Captains release (WHY???) However the Captain insists Rob was asleep and there is a court martial due in the morning. Things look bleak for poor old Rob. I think the captain is starting to resent the fact that Rob hasn't come up with any christians yet, and will take his revenge through the court martial.

Must go, have to grind the captains arsenic for tea.

Keep it under your hat


Secret Squirrel

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 5:55 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel 6

Have had to lie low, Captain Brigh has been ferreting around looking for mutinies and insurrections. He's got a nerve when he himself suffers from urrections most of the time!!!

He now makes Rob take him his breakfast in bed at 10-30 every morning, this is our chance to plan our next move. Dennis wants to put more toenails in his water and corned beef sandwiches, but we need a more decisive blow. Johnny has been secretly filling the lining of his jacket with iron filings, the plan being to nudge him over the side when next he inspects the antifouling. The weight of the iron filings will then take him to the bottom. Trouble is rust stains keep coming out on his coat.

The weather is balmy and has bought about a certain softness of character in Captain Brigh. Why only yesterday for example when he picked up a piece of wood to hit Dennis with, he took most of the nails out first. But we don't think this charitable disposition will last for long, a Bengal tiger never changes its spots.

Have to go now as I am on punishment duty, cleaning the heads with my toothbrush, I'll tell you about it next time.

Keep your traps shut

Sshhhhhhhhh Secret Squirrel

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 5:12 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel interlude

No espionage going on today, all too busy with the weather (see captain Brigh's blog), even I would like some christians now!!

Loose lips sink ships (so do 55 knot squalls)

Sshh Secret Squirrel

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 3:04 PM
Subject: Day 13

Hi Everyone

Its Sat morning at 4am GMT and Denos and I have just finished our watch , back to last blog I managed to write PRIM on Mad Johnies toe in black marker and a little stick lady person on the top of his foot well it got better i wrote IYC on his forehead and he didnít wake up .When he saw his foot he thought it was great and looked at it proudly all day with a big grin so did we cos he walked round all day with IYC on his forehead without knowing, ive got pics .
Sorry about not sending pics as we cant down load no lead might try in Slucia .

Johnnie has renamed Den, Denos as he is always going to Greece. Denos has this thing about toilet paper and putting it down boat toilets that it blocks them up to which I say is s---t to coin a phrase. The boys who done the delivery to Gran Canaria understand Denos and his plastic bag. Well Mad Johnie would have none of it and said he was going to make a dinner out of the contents of the bag if Denos persisted. Denos relented but proudly came up with the idea of rolling it up and projecting it out of the window to which the boat is not a shouting boat but a s--t boat with paper hanging round the shroud plates etc.

O by the way we saw a whale surface 2 days ago and last night I heard one on the starboard side come up for air it went, PHEWWW I think that sounds right. Denos said they stay down for hours after a breath but 15 min later I heard it again. We have also had a few pods of dolphins come and play with us for 20 minutes a time. Theyíre great just like children swimming in front of the boat turning over and looking up as we look down from the front then thy all peal of together like the Red Arrows amazing .

We are having a seriously great time now we are at 16deg N the waves are not as big, the sun is hot and we have seawater showers with the buckets by the way the water is quite warm.

The big racing boats have now arrived at Slucia we have 772 miles to go I think we are doing OK in our size class we have been monitoring daily updates with about 10 boats and are in front of all of them just "its not over till the fat lady sings" its only a Rally anyway. We passed 2 German Lagoon cats last night the twins were up and we were doing approx. 7 knots Denos didnít think we would pass them until the next day but we caught him up and the autohelm just wanted to keep going straight at his stern even though I kept putting on deg ,s in the end I hand steered passed them we radioed them and apologised for coming so close and explained that the twin bitches donít like being told what to do. The German who we have named Herman the German was ok and I said we would have a drink with him in Slucia. It was great in the morning as we heard him talking to his mate on the radio and he said he was overtaken during the night and did not like it Shame.

Robs tooth is getting slightly better he is bathing it each day with hot salt water Mad Johnnie has had gout for a day and scalded his other hand on stove not bad. I was thrown across the saloon a couple of days ago and bruised my side on the table, bit sore when on watch. We have all had diarrhoea and constipation at same time (if you donít drink enough your body takes the fluid from your gut and you cannot go to the loo) tonight Denos has a headache and feels a bit sick pos fumes from engine while charging batteries and wind coming from astern . Apart from that weíre all well happy.

The food has been great and we only have approx. 14 packs of bacon left looks like Harvest Festival for the natives in Slucia wonít happen, especially if Mad Johnie has his way have you ever tried bacon and bananas its great.

Thought of a great idea when we arrive in Slucia of coming into the marina with our Life Jackets on Blown up with our cossies on and getting of the boat together then clipping on to each and walking up the road to a bar all sitting round the table clipped together like a bunch of Nerds and if anyone asks why we have lifejackets on say we went to the Hamble School of sailing and they said keep them on at all times until you feel safe "And we donít yet ".

We have been through 2 rain squalls today, nice it cleaned the boat, not much wind about today 10-15 max. Herman the German had a big squall about 15 miles astern. Tonight was brilliant as approx. 10 miles astern Denos and I watched the clouds lighting up with a lightening storm.

What on earth was I saying about being great at 16deg Mad Johnie and Rob had been on watch as I was writing this to you at 4.30 am pitch black dark Johnie asked me to check on the radar a cloud that was coming up astern and when I checked it was coming at us at 64 knots and there was 2 of them with a small gap between them. Well we took down smoking Genny but had to leave loose Lucy up as by then it was on us it absolutely poured with rain and the wind was about 35 knots we hand steered and we were lucky as we were on the outside and the inside was jet black as it went past it calmed down and I was knackered so I closed this blog down and went to bed. Within 10 minutes Mad Johnie said he wanted to take Lucy down as well as it looked like more weather astern. When I came on deck in about 1 minute I could not believe what I could see. It was really calm no wind and there was this black cloud that was as far wide as you could see it was touching the water we just dropped Lucy straight down and wrapped it to the safety lines as I got back into the cockpit I shouted to Mad J to hurry up as it was within 200 metres.
I took hold of the wheel and hit the standby on autohelm so I could hand steer just as we were hit with 30 knots of wind the squall just swallowed us up and the rain was like hailstone we were all in the cockpit in our wet weather gear and lifejackets on with safety lines hooked on we all realised within 10 minutes this time we was in the middle. Mad Johnie said run with the wind and thatís what we did for the next 4 hours I kid you not it was horrible, the wind reached 55 knots and the sea became huge as we were surfing down the waves trying to keep the wind dead astern. We had put the companionway in and shut the boat up in case she rolled and just rode it out. It was the quietest the guys had been since day one. As the wind finally came down to 25 knots we could see daylight through the clouds the seas were huge and breaking waves were roaring suddenly I could not move the steering and thought some rope may have got caught around it Mad j was checking ropes on the other steering wheel on port side when I suddenly looked down and saw the autohelm had been re-engaged we pressed standby and I think everyone said a prayer as we set off again towards Slucia.

Well that was the worst weather I have ever been in Mad J said he could not believe he was 700 miles from Slucia in this weather and that the boat performed great. Poor Denos was freezing he only had shorts on and his jacket as we had got him out of bed. Denos and Rob went below and after 5 minutes he was handing hot drinks back out to Mad J and me. After our drinks we started to get the pole out so we could pole out smoking Genny on the Port side then in 20 knots we were back on course again.

When I came back into the cockpit I could not believe my eyes Denos was putting bacon and eggs with toms on the table that Rob had cooked in 20 knots. Rob came out from the galley and now I can see how he was a fireman so calm and cool and this is his first time in a boat RESPECT.

Mad J took over the helm and I went below I gave Denos a cuddle and said I was glad the girls didnít come as was original plan he agreed and I went to bed at 10.30am.

Mad J woke me up at 11.30am to e-mail our position to the arc he said he was going to bed and was knackered. I patted his back and thanked him and told him I loved him "I bloody meant it as well". He is the best bloke to have with you in a blow, but he did look funny though standing in his black Y Fronts all glistening with sweat and damp after taking his wet gear off. (Donít get excited Primmy)

Iím writing this now with a lump in my throat as I realise just how things can happen and thatís even if your prepared "someone looked after us today"

Iím going up top now its 3 pm the sun is out again and we have 12 knots of wind and are doing 6 knots I can hear Denos telling Rob a new story and he is laughing and Mad Johnies snoring is pi//g me off .

PS HAVE A GREAT PRIZEGIVING TONIGHT Can some give my Annie a kiss for me.

GPS Position 16.09N 49.08 W at 3 pm GMT

Bye for now

Trueblue Crew

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2009 10:04 AM
Subject: IYC day 10

Hi Everyone

We are still here sorry for not sending blog but its all much the same apart from Johnie is losing the plot and keeps on about rats in the bilge and christians I might give him the cat tomorrow ,do you know the saying (not enough room to swing a cat comes from the days of galleons where if someone was given the cat of 9 tails and the crew liked him they would gather round so the guy could not swing the cat and their mate received less pain ) sounds feasible perhaps someone can check that out .
We've done loads of sail changes now and Dennis now calls the Twins (genoas ) Loose Lucy and Smoking Genny cos she likes a roll up .
Rob has got raging toothache and has had it for a few days he keeps asking if we think there will be a dentist on Slucia and we said of course but it will probably be a hairdressers and dentist and by the time you get there your teeth will hurt so much you will point at the wrong ones and, they will take them all out ,he thinks they will x ray them we said no chance more like a big black moma with a pencil torch and bad breath .
We have given Rob some of mad Johnies tablets he said they are penicillin ,Rob has also rinsed his mouth with Brandy which he said he would not swallow
but Tuesday night t he stood in the companionway with his trousers round his ankles i asked him how he felt and with a big grin he said great i feel topped up ,I think he has been swallowing the Brandy.

I am witing this at 9.30 GMT 7.30 am here as we are now at 43 deg W johnie and Rob finished there watch at 8 am and Johnie is asleep in the saloon with his foot up on the back of the Nav table Wine locker So i have taken 5 minutes out and painted with a thick black marker a little matchstick person on the top of his foot and PRIM on his toes, took some time as he kept twitching I might try and right ILUV PRIM on his forehead next or perhaps I LUV BRI .

I don't feel guilty because him and Rob are in charge of the water bottles and they have to fill 1.5 litres each day and make sure we all drink it and yesterday on my night watch I found a toenail in my water which I nearly swallowed I spat it out and threw it away but in hindsight I should have kept it and checked their feet to see who's it was .

Approx 1,800 miles gone 1033 to go we are only doing 6.2 knots as the wind has dropped to 12- 15 knots and we are not on a good heading as we are trying to get down to 16deg the weather e mails are showing it going light higher up we hope its a gamble that will pay off as we are not doing much Westing at moment

By the way the position of Slucia is approx 14.00 N 61.00 W At moment Mike we are at 17.00N 43,38W at 9.40GMT

we have looked at the positions and most of the big leading boats are at aprox. 16.2N .

another boat has been abandoned yesterday called Pelican a Bruce Roberts 53 ft the forestay went and they were worried about the rig and had a fouled prop they have been picked up by a ship and the crew are on their way to Gib apparently the skipper did not want to scuttle it so its floating around on its own .

On that note i will close

By for now


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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 6:51 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel 2


I am smuggling this report out to let the world know what we have to put up with in our daily lives.

Captain Brigh court martialled Johnny this morning for peeing in his tea. Luckily Rob persuaded Captain Brigh to make a fresh cup of tea under strict supervision, and proved that the tea tasted as it does naturally, and that you don't need to pee in it to make it taste as it does. Luckily Johnny was acquitted.

However the whole episode has left a mark on Johnny. Dennis saw him in the bilges making friends with the rats. He has tamed two of them and calls them Kevy and Cuffy. One is a fluffy sweet thing, the other is ginger. Dennis thinks that no good will come of this friendship.

The captain keeps shouting at Rob to fetch a christian, and the more blank looks we give the more he shouts 'fetch a christian' 'fetch a christain' There are just no christians in the vicinity, none of the crew qualify for that job description, so I just didn't know what we are going to do. Captain Brigh is getting more and more upset.

I have to go now as the captain is making his rounds and I daren't get caught

Mums the word

Secret Squirrel

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From: Secret Squirrel
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 6:03 PM
Subject: Secret Squirrel

Secret Report

We are risking our lives smuggling this message out to you, please post it on the blog page, but don't tell anyone else.
Captain Brigh recently of HMS Bounty, seems a prickly character. Apparently he didn't get on with his previous crew and they clubbed together and sent him on a sailing holiday.
He is being very cruel to Dennis and shouts at him a lot, and has threatened to send him to an old peoples home.
We are worried about Johnny. Captain Brigh has ordered a court martial in the morning. He has accused Johnnie of peeing in his tea. If found guilty Captain Brigh is talking about hanging him from the yardarm. The only bit of good news from Dennis is he doesn't think that there is anyone on the boat capable of tying a knot good enough to keep him up there for long.
I will try to get a message out tomorrow to let you know what happens

If we are spared

Sshhh Secret Squirrel

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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: where are you

Hi Mike

Sorry mate
position 19.31N 36.18W at 3.40 GMT
Been really windy 30+ knots staring to drop now seastate rough 4m+
Best Regards


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From: Brian Keenleyside
To: IYC Sailing Secretary
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 10:47 AM

Hi Everyone
Iíve just read my last e mail to you again to refresh where we were sorry about mistakes but its quite difficult holding on with one hand as the boat never stops lurching from side to side.
I bet youíre all wondering about Johnie, well when Den I went on watch this morning at 8am smiling to ourselves about the coming event. Johnie proudly pronounced that he was completely healed and showed us his hand which looked really good with not many blisters ( one to remember, apply cold for 3-4 hours and not just run under water ) we was also going to put savlon on and a light gauze covering but Johnie wanted nothing and it worked .You know I thought I heard Johnie talking to someone last night I think he was doing some serious praying, perhaps its for the best as you could never have looked him in the face again after seeing the photos of the Olive oiled C---k on the IYC notice board.
We have decided that when we are going well and overtaking boats we are Racing but when its taking time to change the rig or we are slower, its only a Rally ( IYC Logic ).

Had genoa and main with 2 reefs up, Dennis amused us with his tales of his youth in the East End and when he was a car dealer also his various charter and delivery trips in Greece where he has a yacht. Saturday evening, music watch Johnie and Rob played their guitars for a couple of hours at 5pm it was good as they have not been able to play them due to conditions.
Dinner was spaghetti bolognese lovely. Only seen 1 boat in 2 days which we passed during the night.
I am in the front berth with all the fruit bananas, apples oranges and toms (vegetable type, not female) and at night I keep thinking about spiders coming out of the fruit also we was told not to keep boxes on the boat as cockroaches lay their eggs in the corrugated part and hatch out later we have a couple of boxes and we have taped the open ends but i wonder if they can eat their way out the side and so we are keeping a lookout. Keep thinking I will look up and have one watching me on the computer (watch this space).

Sunday morning
 I went up the mast again to attach block to the lazy jacks so we can tidy up the main then we put up the twins again ran all day at 7 - 9.5 knots.
Bit pissed off as Dennis said he wants to rename this boat shouting boat and he is going to take Rob to Greece on his boat where the skipper doesnít shout, but when your on the foredeck or up the mast being thrown around and looking at John with his mouth opening and closing and nothing coming out you need to shout clear instructions (but we're still mates).
Took ages to put the twins up and get set up so we had an apple each for breakfast (no bacon) and muesli for 3ss then Johnie and Rob cooked dinner Fray Bentos pie pot peas carrots, we had a Blues Bros. CD on and Den and I tried to play the harmonicas Johnie bought me a couple of years ago. Rob reckoned we sounded not to bad but I think he was just being the nice guy he is, he said he will give us some coaching. Rob has been learning about everything on the boat and is picking it up well Dennis has been teaching him and showing him how to navigate, Johnie and I laugh as he recites back what Den has him taught him we didnít realise everything on a boat started with F???
WE HAVE HAD A MAJOR EQUIPMENT BREAKAGE The kettle flew off the worktop as we were cleaning up Johnie said it was unrepairable but we got the epoxy out and goaded him until he gave in and done a brilliant repair ( as usual )
Dennis decided we should play name that tune after dinner to his ipod, we had to guess what he was listening to, he looked really funny like an incontinent pensioner in a home waving his head from side to side and mouthing the words with a big cheesy grin on his face it took 30 min and we had to give up who would have guessed (Nat King Cole Unforgettable) not fair.
Its Sunday night and we are going great with the twins up 8-11 knots sea state following sea quite big 4 metres a few fluffy clouds around they're ok, Johnie and Robs watch passed without a hitch and Den and I came back on at 4am Den put his ipod on and was groaning so I put mine on and was listening to Take Thatís latest album that I put on when Ann and I went to Goa in Feb I was thinking of Annie and the kids and babies and how lucky we are doing this journey when I had a Lassie moment (it was quite nice really) but Iím ok again now .
The boat is flying along at 7.45am had 32 knots of wind and 13.5knots on log for a moment steady, 10 knots + now sheís creaking like mad but the sooner we get to Slucia and have a drink will be great . But safety comes first and as long as we arrive safe and hopefully without breakages I will be happy. Johnie and Rob are back on watch now.

Hi everybody - Johnny here.
Brianny has asked me to say a few words, as he doesn't want this to sound too much of him. The boat really goes well under twin poled put headsails, very comfortable and very quick. It looks as if the boat was starring in 'Waterworld', as we really had to lash the setup together, using warps and any old bit of string to hand, which we don't want to cut. There are rats tails everywhere. Our only concern is chaffe, which was apparent the last time we took this sailplan down so we do have the best of intentions of carrying out preventative maintenance (weather permitting) We have put lazy sheets on, so at least have an instant backup if we have sheet failure.
We found two flying fish on deck yesterday, quite weird looking creatures close up. Other than that have not seen too much marine life. The seas are not what I expected, quite short and sharp. I expect to see Ostend any moment as its very reminiscent of the North Sea (except being 5,000 metres deep!!)
We had a downwind sleigh ride last night as Brian mentioned earlier. Being off watch below is like being shut in a washing machine on fast spin cycle.
On the bright side - only about 1,500 nautical miles to the next beer.
Brianny has just screamed down at me, in his own inimitable style!!!. We reset the trip at the end of day 1, and at the moment the average speed shows 7.8 knots. I'm really pleasantly surprised at that. Before I came away I thought we would be doing very well to average 6 knots. We are 37 miles above the rhumb line, but with 1500 to go we'll take the speed and worry about getting down as the opportunity presents itself.
Not sure what to do for dinner tonight, it should be cold meat and pickles, but as we have neither it will probably be ??? (don't know yet)
Thanks for your e mails and support, see you soon.
Bye For now
Trueblue Crew

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Hi Everyone

Thursday night went without any incidents but we realised we have made a mistake by keeping the twin genoas up too long. We have been carried east too far we should have changed sails before dark and altered course, I think we got caught in the comfort zone.
Dennis and I went on watch at 8 am and we all decided to change sails and put the asymmetric up Johnie and I did the foredeck and Rob and Den the cockpit the loose flying genoa came down quite easy in about 15knots of wind we gybed and let it go inside the furling genoa worked well.
We had trouble taking the new pole down and I could not release the male female fitting on the mast so Johnie lashed it to the front of the pulpit rail as I was clinging on to the mast with one hand and undoing the snap shackle of the spinnaker the wind and motion of the boat snatched the halyard from my grip and in slow motion it went about twenty feet each side of the boat. I shouted to Johnie to duck which he did the first swing, he was sitting cross legged on the top of the sail locker looking smug as the second swing cloncked him right in the ear. I had to contain myself from laughing as it really hurt him so to make amends I tried to rub it better to which he said kiss it so I had to stick my tongue in his ear ( that cheered him up).
Rob is getting really useful now and is like a young puppy wanting to know everything we are doing and why. Rob is Johnies guitar teacher and has never been on a boat before "big learning curve "we are trying to get him to tell Sharon his partner to spice up the e mails a bit.
The asymmetric went well and it was comforting going in the right direction we had 2ss Cheese olives etc at 2pm instead of 4ss which we found to late as no one wanted any dinner last night (Thursday). After 2ss the wind increased and we was holding 20 knots true wind with just kite up. At about 4 pm we had a rather medium broach with the bottom of the kite touching the water I went on deck to see Johnie holding his right hand which had a rather nasty rope burn apparently he was trying to ease the sheet but it had the winch handle in it and the rope came off so he grabbed it "Good old Johnie" but he got injured in the process. We kept the kite up for about another hour but the wind was gusting to 25 knots so we pulled out the genoa and dropped it behind it that was fun you could not do that on your own without a snuffer.
With just the genoa out on a reach we were doing 5-6 knots in 12-16 knots wind not enough. I went to the loo and thought I couldnít stand sitting all night watching the log at that speed so came up with the brainwave of going up the mast to retrieve the lazy jack from the second spreader about 40ft so we could get the main up. Everyone thought I was mad but deep down it was something I wondered often if I could do, so I would not listen to reason. I donned my life jacket and put the harness on and Den and Rob pulled me up on the main halyard. I reached the plastic block of the lazy jack and tried to pull it down but it was tied off at the mast. I as being thrown around by the motion of the boat and was clinging on with my right arm around the shroud. Den came on deck and loosened it but it only came down about 4ft, the lower rope had pulled the roller out and was gone so I tied the spinnaker halyard to it. It was at this point when I felt a tearing motion on the seat of the Plastimo bosuns chair, I was not really sitting on the seat but had the webbing to the right hand side of my goolies. Once I was back on deck I looked and to my horror not only had the webbing ripped the stitching out of the seat one side but the clasp had come undone and it was only held on by being caught by the plastic clasp not being able to pull through the webbing. I would not have fell down but it would have been uncomfortable with the seat under your arm pits ,as it was my legs and biceps are all bruised.
Anyway after all that we hoisted the main and put 2 reefs in and I didnít really need to go up the mast to do that but I will go up again tomorrow and put a new block on the lazy jack weather permitting ( it was fun anyway ).
Its 7.40am sat morning and Dennis has just come into the saloon laughing saying he had just been hit by a flying fish and was looking in the cockpit for it he has got scales all over his jacket and is on watch moaning his jacket stinks.
We have had a good night with variable winds from 14 - gusting - 25 knots on a broad reach with genoa and 2 reefs. We all slept well as the boat is now heeled on one side and more comfy.
Rob cooked dinner hot Chilli (he can cook Sharon) it was great.
Johnie and I often think where we would be if Kevyy and Lannie were on board Johnie says closer to Slucia but with more Larry Lashups, Kevís Favourite phrase, missing you Simon.
Back to Johnie he sat with a cold plastic bottle of drink in his hand and Rob kept changing them as they warmed up all evening he took a painkiller and went to bed we did not dress it as he said he wanted to leave it open he has some white blisters acoss the inside of his fingers. We will have to see if he is still in pain tomorrow and if he is we will draw straws to see who will administer some Diclaphenic pain killers ANALLY. Anyone who knows Johnie will know he is quite hairy so Den and I have spent the night discussing the possibility of having to shave his botty first, we are also thinking of pouring some olive oil down his c---k to aid insertion
On that note I will close Watch this space .
Thinking of you all
From The Trueblue crew

Mike Position at 08.30am Sat 20,25N 29,19 W

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Subject: IYC

Hi everyone

night Dennis and I "brian", we will call ouselves water watch or WW, had the 12.00-04.00 am watch we had the twin genoas poled out in approx. 20knots true wind seastate sharp following sea. It was a lovely clear night and the sky is full of stars and shooting stars I saw a dolphin jump out of the water about 30ft from the boat. Itís getting better as we are going down. We managed to get 10.5 knots during our watch and we told Johnie and Rob when they came on watch at 4am.
Johnnie and Rob are called Music watch or MW, although they are yet to get the guitars out. When we, WW, went back on watch at 8am Johnie was sitting with a big red grin on his face saying they had clocked 11.5 knots. The boat was going really well as Den and I sat with our T talking to MW about the oil rig they had seen being towed JUST as the log started rising to 12.2 knots and WW watch is in the lead again.
Johnie made bacon and eggs sandwiches at noon it was great. (only 48 more packs of bacon to go )
Done 180miles in 24hrs 12.00noon to noon

Was hot the boat is banging along at 7-9 knots creaking and rolling we have moved the loose genoa halyard a touch to minimise chafe rig looks good fingers crossed.
This is what Johnie metz and Belly wanted on the delivery to Gran Canaria, sorry lads.
Done 180miles in 24hrs.
The Iridium phone is working great and e-mails are easy but only just managed to get grib and synoptic weather e-mails today
We have been waiting for the sea state to calm down but now realise this is it, its a following sea that throws the boat from side to side its really quite dangerous down below and you have to be very careful as its easy to go flying across the cabin.
We have passed about 14 boats that we have seen sometimes 5-10 miles away.

Wed night
Johnie and Rob cooked Chicken curry it was great I complemented Johnie that I thought he was loosing weight especially as he has had the s--ts he thanked me and agreed by showing us he can actually see his knuckle when he puts his middle finger in his belly button.
The night went without incidence we could see boats over on our Port side as we was going down.

Thursday morning
More Bacon and egg sandwiches "must admit they are nice "
Done 184 miles last 24hrs
Spoke to another boat that came close a lagoon 44 with a Parasail he was taking the rum line.
We are heading down to 20N-30W approx. 316 miles before we turn onto a heading of approx. 258',to take the trades down to Slucia about 1800miles but who knows it could all change before then.
Mike latest position at 16.40 21,57N 24,46W

Bye for now
TrueBlue Crew

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Subject: Trueblue crew

Hi mate Dont know the YC e-mail so can you forward this on and send me address.

Hi all

The start was a right shambles approx. 180 boats with about 80 boats 1/2 mile over the start line. A Naval ship for the start boat and the line about twice as wide as the Nore Race start. We had a great start about 1 of 10 actually on the line as the gun went and I mean GUN. But it wasnít long before we was overtaken by a 72ft Oyster we put up the asymmetric and was doing about 11 knots, sea state was really confused and it just got worse took the kite down at 25knots. As you get to the end of the island there is an acceleration zone that increased to 35 knots. Already had one reef in and decided to put in a second, huge seas by now as were putting in the reef the lazy jacks on one side came down so we wrapped the sail on the boom with rope that was fun.
As we left Las Palmas the sea just got bigger and more confused could not go below decks as being thrown around inside, had a cup a soup for dinner "Great eh" 3 ton of food on board and we cant eat.

Cookie Johnie is not well so we are not eating again, and we all feel nauseous but no one sick yet. Sea state is awful huge following sea with rollers coming in from the sides 25knots. Sailing with just the genoa up, to dangerous to do anything on deck.
Only done 104 miles in first 24 hrs not very good. We had a cheese sandwich for lunch and salad on deck cookie made enough for 8 then only ate 1/2 a tomato and said he had had enough, lets hope he is going to eat some of the 40 lbs of bacon he bought, if not we are going to dress him up in it and he can go as Porky to the fancy dress in Slucia.

Sea was confused all night not very nice out here must get better. Tuesday morning sun shining, sea calming down so we put up the twin headsails, Johnie and I done the fore deck work and he was great hasnít lost it took 2 hrs on a rolling deck 16 knots wind managed to get it all set up with 2 poles and we are now rolling along at 7.5-8.5 knots in 18 knots true wind much better, boats really going well. 180 miles in second 24 hrs and that was before we had the twin headsails up. Cookie done well tonight with help from Rob, minced pie, pots, peas, carrots. Dark now must go Iím on watch at twelve its windy all night as well, takes getting used to.

Bye for now
True Blue Crew