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This page last modified: 28-10-2017


Notices to Mariners

Please use live link above for full PDF information:


28/10/17 - P L A Notice M102 of  2017

17/10/17 - P L A Notice L26 of  2017

11/10/17 - P L A Notice Sunken Barge  M99 of  2017

05/10/17 - P L A Notice L25 of  2017

04/10/17 - P L A Notice L24 of  2017

25/9/17 - P L A Notice 24 of  2017

25/9/17 - P L A Notice L22 of  2017

22/9/17 - P L A Notice L21 of  2017

22/9/17 - P L A Notice L20 of  2017

27/8/17 - P L A Notice L19 of  2017

14/8/17 - P L A Notice L18 of  2017

04/8/17 - P L A Notice L 20 of  2017

04/8/7/17 - P L A Notice L 16 of  2017

27/7/17 - P L A Notice 19 of  2017

19/07/17 Havengore Bridge: Now-open & operational

17/7/17 -  Havengore Bridge: Non-operational 

10/6/17 - P L A Notice L 9 of  2017

24/5/17 - P L A Notice L 8 of  2017

 17/4/17 - P L A Notice 10 of  2017

31/3/17 - P L A  River Thames Safety Bulletin - No 1 of 2017  

31/3/17 - P L A  Notices Remaining In Force NTM  No 1 of 2017   

31/3/17 - P L A Environmental Bulletin 1 of  2017

22/9/2016 - Gunfleet Sands  -   NtM 5-16


17.07.17 Havengore Bridge: Non-operational

Due to a mechanical fault, Havengore Bridge is currently non-operational and closed to maritime traffic.

Engineers have been called to attend and we will alert you as soon as the bridge functionality has been reinstated. We apologise for any inconvenience.


IYC Catamaran Open 2017

The IYC Catamaran Open was held on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May

 Please follow link for full details:   "IYC Cat Open 2017"


BYC Round Canvey Race Race 2017

6th Round Canvey Race Saturday 8th July 2017   click for full details


Upnor Race 2017

The Upnor Race will be on Saturday 3rd June.

Nore Race 2017

The BYC Nore Race will be on Saturday 1st July.

Nore Results

Port Guide into Maldon 2017

New Port Guide in to Maldon PDF download or website link here  for details



Ministry of Defence (MOD) Shoeburyness: Range Sea Danger Area 2017

With the summer season upon us, it’s timely to remind local sailing clubs and associations of the restrictions on sailing in the vicinity of the Foulness and Maplin Sands. QinetiQ operates the live weapons Test and Evaluation Range in Shoeburyness and on Foulness Island in Essex, known as MOD Shoeburyness. The Range is active Monday to Friday (occasionally at weekends), all year round conducting activities that involve firing and detonating live ammunition, often over long distances, out to sea.  To enable the Range to work safely and ensure that hazardous activities do not present a risk to members of the public, it operates under the jurisdiction of the Artillery Ranges Byelaws 1936 and the Shoeburyness and District Military Lands Byelaws 1935 (under the Military Lands Acts 1892 to 1903). The byelaws govern the use of the land and rights of access and passage through the byelaw area. The byelaws cover an area of the Thames Estuary and the North Sea and the inner waterways that run from Havengore Creek across to the River Roach and the River Crouch. This area comprises the Range Sea Danger Area (RSDA), unauthorised entry to this area is both prohibited and dangerous.   QinetiQ is responsible for managing access to the RSDA and ensuring that mariners do not stray into the area, putting themselves and their vessels at risk. In order to help monitor the RSDA whilst the Range is active, QinetiQ uses marine radar and has a Range Safety Boat which patrols the perimeter and advises any unauthorised vessels to leave in accordance with the byelaws and in the interests of health and safety.  To raise awareness of the location of the RSDA and help avoid incursions by unauthorised vessels, there is a section on the MOD Shoeburyness website which is dedicated to safety information for mariners. Here, mariners can find guidance on how to safely navigate in the vicinity of the Range, how to contact Range Control for advice and the meaning of the Red Flags that the Range uses to indicate the status of the Inner and Outer Sea Areas. If you or your members sail in the vicinity of the Range, we strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with the restrictionsOur website also has a guide for anyone wishing to access the inner waterways via Havengore Bridge and we post status alerts on Twitter to notify when either Havengore Bridge or Potton Bridge is non-operational. Follow us @SHB_Alerts.   We would be most grateful if you could circulate this information amongst your members and other contacts in the sailing community and where possible, create a link from your website to our Information for Mariners page. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the information, please let me know. You may also find the information in the attached leaflet of interest which you can print and circulate amongst your members if you wish.

 Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE
Careline: 0800 0560108



The Queenborough Harbour -Walkway

Damage to Walkway

During the storm on Monday the walkway leading to the ATL suffered some damage. Most of the damage has been repaired and the final repair will take place Friday 1st April.  In the meantime the walkway is open, but please walk in single file. Regards Harbour Team.

The Port of London Authority

London Authority are currently undergoing a public consultation on the Code of Practice for Passenger Vessel Operations on the Thames. Please see link below:


Could any feedback/responses please be returned by Thursday 12th May 2016 to the designated email address -  Kind regards Port of London Authority


Queenborough Harbour Winter Trot Boat Service

Up until now the Queenborough Harbour trot boat has stopped operating at the end of October and started again the following April. This year for the first time we are pleased to announce that through the winter (November to March) the trot boat will be available every Saturday & Sunday between 10am and 4pm. We hope you find this additional service useful.  Regards Harbour Team - 29th October 2015.




London Gateway Buoyage Revisions

London Gateway Buoyage Revisions  PDF


Medway Ports 

Notices to Mariners


February 12.2011

Brightlingsea Harbour plans for new pontoon

Ramsgate, ban on pets to be lifted.

See East Coast Pilot news


January 06, 2011

Nore Swatchway open to navigation

Nore Swatchway buoy back in charted position, See Medway NTM no 3 2011


Gunfleet Sands Demonstration Project

Gunfleet Sands 3 Demonstration Project Public Consultation

Gunfleet Sands 3 Demonstration Project Environmental Statement


2010 Cruiser Sailing Report


We had a good year with The Island Yacht Club Cruisers again enjoying successful results in the CCS and Interclub races, where our boats compete against other local yacht clubs. There are 6 races in total and out of the 3 classes A, B, & Multihull, our boats between them won;
Six 1st in class positions,
Six 2nd in class positions,
& Two 2nd overall positions,
The overall numbers taking part in cruiser racing this year has remained consistent with last year and it is great to see there are some regular new faces in the racing fleet. It is also very reassuring, considering there are 4 clubs taking part on a regular basis, to see that our IYC boats have in most cases made up half the fleet on the CCS races.
The Town Cup race is going to be run once again in 2011 alongside the Interclub Cruiser Challenge and Team race, the date is Saturday 24th September 2011. Another date to note is the Nore Race which will be on Saturday 9th July 2011.


There were two separate cruises up the East Coast this year with 3 or 4 boats on each cruise, taking in Brightlingsea, Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Ipswich, Shotley and Tollesbury to name a few. The 1st party of boats had the better weather, however the 2nd party of boats had the Shotley beer festival, so I guess that’s a tie in ‘who won the better 2 weeks competition’.
We finished off the cruising this year with our August bank holiday cruise to Chatham, which was attended by a fantastic 16 boats. The weather wasn’t brilliant, however we managed a very nice BBQ on the Saturday evening, under the resident Marquee, which was enjoyed by all. 35 of us then went on an organised trip to Chatham Maritime Museum, and had a good day experiencing the Dockyard at our leisure.
There were unpleasant forecasts for our trip back on the Monday, and we braced ourselves for an all hands on trip, however, thankfully we had a very nice force 4 sail back to the Island Yacht Club. (They got it wrong again!!)
A very big Thank you to all who supported the cruises and hope to see you all next year. Please remember everyone with a boat is invited to take part, whether you have a sail or motor boat – all are welcome!
There will be a Cruising meeting on Sunday 6th February at 10:30. Details of 2011 events will also be made available in the new year.
Should anyone have any ideas and suggestions for future cruises, please contact Mike Edwards (Sailing Secretary) or John Metson (Assistant Sailing Secretary)


Queenbororough YC Trot Boat Torched

On October 6th the Queenborough YC Trot boat was set on fire. The damage was so severe that the boat has sunk and the hammerhead scorched. The arson took place at approximately 2am and was reported by staff at Sheerness docks that could see the fire from there. The Council’'s boat, “Sheppey 2,” was also targeted but got off more lightly. The head mooring line was burnt through and the bow fenders melted from intense heat. Attempts had also been made to enter her, as shown by foot marks on the cabin windows.
This is the second fire that has been started on a boat on the ATL. Veritas was also targeted last winter when unidentified intruders broke into the boat and set fire to it. They then untied the boat and set it adrift.
Paul Woodhead (Hon. Medway Port Pilot, MVS (reg charity), GYC (ex flag officer).Chair RNLI Sailathon GB. has suggested that because the Queenborough jetty is such a prime facility in the South East of England it must be saved. Opinions suggest that the whole of this area with its numerous clubs get together to form a plan with donated finance to become a member of that facility with a paid officer in charge with good security backup.


Cruiser Points 2010

Sapphire leads by 18 points


Interclub Prizegiving 2010

This year will be held at the Island Yacht Club on 15 October 2010


Nore Race 2010 -- Sunday 20th June


Latest Sailing News From Yudo


July 24, 2008

Milton Creek Public Inquiry

Info on recent Public Inquiry that the MYA fought.
Please feel free to circulate this if you wish to use it to inform your members.

The public Inquiry into the proposed low level bridge over Milton Creek ended last Friday.
It had lasted 7 days which was almost 3 times as long as expected.
The objectors were Wil Pretty, MYA Vice Chairman,
Sittingbourne Yacht Club,
The Sailing Barge Museum based on the Creek,
The Sea Cadet Corps based on the Creek.
2 local companies with Creek frontage.

Our case was that the new crossing should be a lifting bridge as it is a fundamentally sound creek and was likely to be of most interest to East Coast Cruising Yachtsmen and Sailing Barges wishing to visit the Museum or the town.

I took the Inspector up to the top of the creek in my boat one evening so he could see it from the water.
Facts that we demonstrated during the Inquiry were.
Milton Creek is the largest of the Swale Creeks.
The entrance does not dry.
Half way up (Where KCC propose to put the bridge, just before the pontoons)
it dries to 1.7M (Neaps are 4.7 and Springs 5.9)- this is 0.6 M more than at the buoyed entrance to Conyer Creek.
At the top it dries to 3 M. (All depths in the gutway)

Arguments put against this were:-
It is little used - which is true, mainly because there are no public quays and it is not possible to get to the town from the top as it is all private property (It is about to be redeveloped.)
The birds have got used to it being quiet and would be disturbed if it was used more.
It is polluted, not so much that it needs to be removed, but just enough so that it would be a hazard if it were to be disturbed. (The pollution was from Paper, cement and brick industries, and Iron from barge building).
It would cost more.
It would cause delays to traffic.

Anyone who is able to navigate any of the other Swale Creeks will be able to navigate Milton Creek (4 Km long) Entrance between Grovehurst Jetty and Elmley Ferry, on the Swale.
If you enter 2 1/2 hrs before High tide you can see it all on a rising tide.
Main channel at the entrance is on the port hand side next to 'the Lillies'.
There are no public quays so there is nowhere to stay.
The gutway runs true as far as the Barge museum (Down the middle and tend towards to the outside edge at bends) After that there are a few witheys to help. Deep water is on the port hand side of the derelict quay at the very top.
If you are passing, go and have a look this summer, if KCC have their way,
it may soon not be possible to do so.

Wil Pretty
Medway Yachting Association Vice Chairman
For further info see





Information and photographs taken by Rob Scriven of Benfleet Y C
of the new marina sill


New CCS trophy awarding structure

3 or less finishers in a class  1st prize only.
4 finishers in a class  1st & 2nd prize.
6 or more finishers in a class  1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes



24 September

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