Interclub Race

Trophy for 1st in A Class
"Royal Yachting Association Chairmans Cup"
Presented by P Cotgrove chairman of the Royal Yachting Association 1992 - 1997

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Previous winners of the
"Interclub A Class"

Interclub Race

Trophy for 1st in B Class
"Southend on Sea Yachting Week
Perpetual Trophy presented by Southend on Sea
Chamber of Commerce"

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Previous winners of the
 'Interclub B' Class

Interclub Race

Trophy for 1st in M Class
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Previous winners of the
"Interclub M Class"

2010 "Roller Coaster" R Scriven
2009 "Roller Coaster" R Scriven
2008 "Sapphire" J Clarke
2007 "Roller Coaster" R Scriven
2006 "Artemis" K.Whyte &T.Huish
2005 "Artemis" K.Whyte &T.Huish
2004 "Rollacoaster" R. Scriven
2003 "Aires" G. Norton
2001 "Blue Max" P.Wiggins
2000 "Krugerrand" A. & E. J. Pharro
1999 "Keltic Dragon" J.Owen EYC
1998 "Kernow II" K. Whyte EYC
1997 "Aires" G. Norton IYC
1996 "Thundachild" P. Powell IYC
1995 "La Ina" D. Rivers LSC
1993 "Limbo Legend" W. Absolom TBYC
2010 "Soggy Dollar" K. Marsh
2009 "Soggy Dollar" K. Marsh
2007 “Aztec” Mike Edwards
2005 “Mirelune” E. Mitchell
2001 “Arabella” G. Howlett
2000 “Arabella” G. Howlett
1999 “Harvest Gold” D. Howlett
1997 “Andrea” A. Warren LSC
1996 “Rose” R. Chinn LSC
1995 “Gratitude” D. Philpott LSC
1994 “Rose” R. Chinn LSC
1993 “Madam Peggy” D. Brown EYC
1992 “Madam Peggy” D. Brown EYC
1991 “Madam Peggy” D. Brown EYC
1990 “Rose” R. Chinn LSC
1989 "Butterflies" P. Baldwin EYC
1988 "Kathrine Rose" JA Feltham BYC
1987 "Hot Prospect" F. Coppins TBYC
1986 "Madetta" D.A. Tubby
1985 "Flying Tortose" N.F. Hubert
1984 "Limbo" C. Warry
1983 "Dragonsong" K. Simmons
1982 "Pepsi" J. Oswald
1981 "Calypso" R. Hesketh
1980 "Almita" RJ Davies
1979 "Whisky" Chaser R. Vincent
1978 "Kestrel" B. Turner
1977 "Mustang" B.L. Dodd
1976 "Mustang" B.L. Dodd
1974 "Mersey Pearl" W. Newman
1973 "Dione" J. Wavery
1971 "Evenload" R. Hughes
1970 "Demonking" Mr & Mrs RW. Vernon
1969 "Cervantes" III RC Watson
1968 "Dione" J.W. Avery
1967 "Sprinter" E.W. Tyler
1966 "Swedenorer" A. Clement
1965 "Evenload" H.V.L. Hall
1964 "Evenload" H.V.L. Hall
1963 "Glass Slipper" E.W. Tyler
1962 "Glass Slipper" E.W. Tyler
1961 "Dione" J.W. Avery
2010 "Flying Dragon Owen, Vinten,Whyte & Huish
2009 "Flying Dragon Owen, Vinten,Whyte & Huish
2008 "Flying Dragon Owen, Vinten,Whyte & Huish

2007 "Nymph" Owen & Vinten
2006 "Nymph" Owen & Vinten
2005 "Triaz" W Mahon