Blackwater Race

Trophy for 1st overall CCS Blackwater Race
"Essex Yacht Club Cruiser Open"

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Previous winners of the
"Essex Yacht Club Cruiser Open"

2010 "Nancy Gray" N. Hann LSC
2009 "Flying Dragon" Huish, Vinten & Whyte EYC
2008 "Keltic Raider" M. & M. Blatcher EYC
2007 "Aztec" M. Edwards IYC
2006 "TBA" J. Linton IYC
2005 "Voyager" S. Strauss LSC
2004 "Tiptoe" M. Carrick IYC
2003 "Keltic Raider" M. & M. Blatcher EYC
2001 "Blue Max" P. Wiggins
2000 "Kayu" A.Haines EYC
1999 "L’Albatross" J. Linton IYC
1998 "Whisky Jack" F. Ellis IYC
1997 "Tiptoe" M. Carrick IYC


1996 "Catareta" J. Cuthbertson IYC
1995 "Ace of Hearts" Buzz Coleman BYC
1994 "Welsh Connection" J. Owen/R.Llewellyn
1993 "Gayaneh" K & J Ginn EYC
1992 "Butterflies" P. Baldwin EYC
1991 "Tiptoe" M. Carrick IYC
1990 "Butterflies" P. Baldwin EYC
1989 "Witchfinder General III" D. Seago EYC
1988 "Michele Angela II" D. Rainbow BYC
1987 "Mauna Kea" P.C. Cotgrove LSC
1986 "Tee Pee" E. Shaw BYC
1985 "The Hustler" J. Clarke & R. Davies LSC
1984 "Gayaneh" F. Denver EYC
1983 "Freedom" J. Woolveridge EYC
1982 "Palisander" B. Graham BYC
1981 "Chere-Amie" R. Stock & J. Palmer EYC
1980 "ETE" B. Turner IYC
1979 "Layabout" T. Birch EYC
1978 "Whiskey Chaser" R. Vincent IYC
1976-77 "Contessa of Mell" C. Bedwell BYC