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Approaches to Smallgains Creek - The Home of the Island Yacht club

When you are near Southend Pier enter the Hadleigh Ray at the Leigh buoy. Follow between the 2 sets of port and starboard buoys and beyond the line of moored vessels to the yellow buoy near the entrance of Smallgains Creek. You should be able to enter Smallgains Creek 1 hour either side of high tide. (4 ft draft).
Enter Smallgains Creek by following between the line of red and green lit buoys until abrest of jetties on the Notth bank. (400 m)
Keep close to the right side of the creek until you reach the end of the outer jetty on the South bank. (300 m)
Observe leading markers on the North bank and across the creek on South bank jetty. Turn to port and transit between markers to the marker on the South bank jetty.
Follow close to the jetties on left of the creek until you reach BRINKMANS WHARF visitors mooring (200 m)
Space is limited, so please call 01268 510360 to book and let us know when you are arriving.

Click on the inset area of the map to see details of Smallgains Creek

Detail Map Smallgains Creek