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Updated, Sun, 05/12/2010, 18.15. by Chris Gray

Junior Fishing Competition 2010

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Winners Charlie Haase, Harry Lucas & Ashley Dew 


Sunday was a big day for fourteen children, although it was a very cold day the sun kept shining for us and didn't dampen the fun. The children were divided up between three boats "Sheikharra" skippered by Peter Kimber, "Drifter" skippered by John Anderson, and winning boat  "Blue Fin" skippered by Chas Haase. The Competitors were fishing for a new fishing rod.  They fished for two hours, and the total catch  between the three boats was very good with 21 fish caught, Codling, Dog Fish and Whiting. The children on "Sheikharra" caught 7 fish between them, the children on "Drifter caught 8, and the children on "Blue Fin" caught 6.  There was just 1 codling caught by the youngest competitor 5 year old Jake Atkins.  Charlie Haase caught the largest fish which won her a fishing rod, Harry Lucas and Ashley Dew caught the most fish which won them both a prize, Ashley won a tin of sweets & Harry won a voucher. A big thank you to skippers Peter, Chas and John for giving up their time to make this event possible. A great time was had by all.






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